As a scrum master and/or a coach to your Agile team, do you ever question yourself – how is your team performing on the Agile scale? Is there some room for improvement? How mature is your team in its Agile thinking?

Here is a list of 22 good agile practices that should help you determine the maturity level of your agile teams….Give this a try!

1.       Team Roles Assigned
2.       Team Includes Skills Needed
3.       Teams Conduct Sprint Zero
4.       Program Backlog Groomed in JIRA
5.       Sprint Goals Drive Sprint Planning
6.       Sprint Planning Includes Full Team
7.       Sprint Planning – Stories Prioritized
8.       Every Work Item  is A Story & Sized
9.       Exit Criteria Defined & Acceptance Test Run
10.    Team Uses Sub Tasks
11.    Standups Held & Attended
12.    Scrum of Scrum, Or TDM
13.    Incomplete Stories, Resized & Carry Over
14.    Team Velocity Established
15.    Team Conducts Code Reviews
16.    Team Conducts Sprint Demos
17.    Team Documents Retrospective +/-
18.    Sprint Progress Tracked in JIRA Daily
19.    Burn Down Charts & Reports Reviewed Daily
20.    Team Strives to Minimize WIP
21.    Team is Aware of Sprint Cycle Times
22.    Team Knows Velocity

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