Why the spinning “O” in the word AgileOmatic?

Before I talk about the spinning “O” in the word AgileOmatic, allow me to share my thoughts on the word itself. AgileOmatic is a derivative of 2 words: “Agile” & “Automatic”. The  whole idea of the Agile framework is to help set your development process into an auto-pilot mode – so that you can sit back and let the machinery run (only if implemented the right way). It’s all about making it self-running and touch-less.

The spinning “O” emphasizes the iterative behavior of the Agile framework – Scrum methodology to be specific. It’s all about advancing in incremental cycles – learning and adapting as you go. Therefore the regular check-points have proven to be the backbone of this framework. The sooner you check, learn and adapt – the outcome will be better. Those days of analyzing, designing, building, testing for long periods of time, and then releasing the “perfect piece of software” are gone. The pace at which the customers’ taste and outlook changes, is not easy to keep up. The trick is to capture feedback and adapt as you are building the software. Agile’s spinning behavior gives us several feedback checkpoints – to improve our products as well as our process used to build those products.

The spinning “O” just emphasizes this fact.

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